For a while…

… as an experiment—and to be clear, I view almost everything I do with blogging and social media as an ongoing experiment—I will switch what personal blogging I do back to my Tumblr: If you are on Tumblr as well, please follow me there. I will preserve this WordPress blog to keep my options open.

My ongoing work for Maxim, which continues to be ridiculous fun, is here.


In college I was on the tech crew for a “show” choir and at some point someone told me I’d never get in the audition-only group. I auditioned out of spite and got in. At the same school, everyone gravely warned me that no one ever made an A in a particular professor’s music history course. Never a stellar student in dense academic subjects before, I became, in his words, one of the best he’d had in 20 years. In the early 2000s, I was told no one would ever pay for blogging. By 2005 I’d proved that was wrong, too. At 42 I saw messages everywhere–online, in others’ conversations, on TV–indicating there was no way, once you reached your mid-40s, to recoup your physical conditioning. The best you could do is lose weight and take medication–for your mood, your blood pressure, your cholesterol. I lost weight without ever taking medication and have kept it off, to this day. I guess I’m saying I need someone to tell me you can never be a billionaire with a spaceship in the garage and an ice-cream pooping android named TED. That sort of thing works on me.

Past experience–going back 10 years, in fact–should have taught me: I won’t keep this kind of thing up if I bore myself.

While fitness pursuits are interesting to me, writing about them in detail often is not. That is, I have thoughts I could organize about some of my favorite stuff, like running and kettlebells, and chances are I will, as I go along. But I’m happier if I save simple recording of workouts–especially repeats, and I frequently repeat them–to personal notebooks in which I’ve been recording them since the middle of last year.

Past experience also taught me that it’s rare I have something overtly personal or essay-like to talk about. That’s a goal I have–to consciously (as in not just write free-form) put together some organized, more or less personal writing here. I won’t label it humor, either, because I have no idea when something will turn out funny or not.

What I am going to continue is blogging, though. Just about whatever’s got me curious or interested on a given day, which could be a huge variety of things, some of them weird. That’d fit the name I gave this site better anyway.