Hey there, Hi there, ho there…

I’m trying a new Twitter-like interface for my WordPress site to see if it encourages me to use it more.

Basically I’m typing this right on the web page–to me, visually (you obviously can’t see it). It’s partly because I own the URL and the WordPress account so I hate not using it more. It’s also because I like Twitter for the immediacy so I wanted to see how this felt from the writer’s perspective.

Additionally, Twitter is down now and work isn’t fast-paced at the moment so I need something to do with my hands.

#blah-blah #notes-to-self


In college I was on the tech crew for a “show” choir and at some point someone told me I’d never get in the audition-only group. I auditioned out of spite and got in. At the same school, everyone gravely warned me that no one everĀ made an A in a particular professor’s music history course. Never a stellar student in dense academic subjects before, I became, in his words, one of the best he’d had in 20 years. In the early 2000s, I was told no one would ever pay for blogging. By 2005 I’d proved that was wrong, too. At 42 I saw messages everywhere–online, in others’ conversations, on TV–indicating there was no way, once you reached your mid-40s, to recoup your physical conditioning. The best you could do is lose weight and take medication–for your mood, your blood pressure, your cholesterol. I lost weight without ever taking medication and have kept it off, to this day. I guess I’m saying I need someone to tell me you can never be a billionaire with a spaceship in the garage and an ice-cream pooping android named TED. That sort of thing works on me.