100 Years Ago Today: How to Live 100 Years

Published in the Washington Herald, 3/10/1914
Published in the Washington Herald, 3/10/1914

In keeping with switching longer history posts to Medium, here’s a short hit–mainly because I found it quaint and in some ways so of the time it was written. Prohibition was 4 years away, but the temperance movement was already in full swing, so naturally readers were advised to avoid “intoxicants.” What’s also interesting is how true a few of these things are, still. Since I lost a good deal of weight and invested in living healthier than I used to, I’ve learned a lot about general fitness. Eight or more hours of sleep is still well-advised, as is exercise (though I could quibble with whether it should be in the morning or not), going light on the meat (I eat red meat once or twice a week at most, stick to chicken and fish), and eating fat. It’s the sugar/starch that gets you in the end–fat isn’t nearly the dietary villain it was said to be for much of the late 20th century. Also well-advised–the change of occupation, where possible, and keeping your temper. I have a terrible, terrible temper and always have. I honestly think I’ve only done myself a favor by making a huge effort once I was older to channel and control it. That “Limit your ambitions” point is a load of crap. The advisement against drinking water was logical at the time–potability would be an issue in some places for years to come–but the thing about pets was pure 19th century nonsense. Kitties do not steal the baby’s breath, we know that now.


I have a lot of goals related to various things and I’ll never enumerate or detail all¬†of them because:

A. No one cares;
B. They’re my business.

I felt like mentioning two in this post, though, because they’re relevant. Really, a better word is project, more than goals. Resolutions is a terrible word and should be shot. It implies imminent failure. Anyway.

One of my projects for this year involves updating this blog a lot. The other is exercise. I went on (and on and on) about that yesterday in this post. I also noted the “daily” workout may not be so daily. Yet.

The reason for this post is I realized in order to meet the easier of the two goals in question, which involves the act of writing, I’ll have to update this blog with stuff I hesitated to tackle upon making the first few posts over the last couple of days. Which is stupid, considering I gave this site the name HuffWire, therefore stating I intend to make newsy blog posts about stuff that interests me, sometimes.

So this is an announcement of sorts: these posts will be more mixed between personal stuff, sometimes (I consider the workouts under a personal post umbrella) and newsy things of interest.

Maybe that doesn’t even need explanation. I don’t know. I’ve been blogging both for the hell of it and for money since 2000 and I still haven’t figured this shit out.

Exercise and related annoying stuff

Running is fun for everyone, even little sign guys.
Running is fun for everyone, even little sign guys.

To make this blog what I want it to be I have to admit a desire to occasionally write about things that may be of little interest to some. Any blog is going to have that but I’m in the process of changing my mindset about this kind of endeavor. It’s called Writing Whatever the Hell I Want to Write and You Can Read it or Not.

In this case, the subject is physical fitness. I’ve battled my weight since I can remember. When I backed away from just blogging about crime in 2009, a few years spent parked at a computer seemingly nonstop had assisted me in ballooning to almost 300 pounds, with a 46-48 inch waistline. Since 2011, when I finally got truly sick of the situation (my insanely high blood pressure helped me get there) I’ve lost over 100 pounds of fat, dropped 16 or so inches from my waist and gained about 20 pounds of muscle. I did that by making diet and exercise a vital, central part of my daily life. I’ll never go back, either. I know that because every time I skip a day running or working out–or both–I get a junkie’s knee-shake and have trouble sleeping. Exercise feels good, it’s a habit, and I love it.

What I really discovered, which I didn’t know as a kid (I thought I’d conquered childhood weight issues in my teens, when I ran and worked out almost daily, but back then I did not do it in the wisest or safest way), is that it’s easy to, I don’t know, turn into kind of a geek about fitness. There is much more to just about any fitness pursuit as well as to nutrition and dieting than I’d ever dreamed of. Realizing how deep and complex the subject was, realizing that I could nerd out about it–this may have contributed heavily to me sticking with everything until certain good practices became habitual.

So–I’m gonna write about it. What I write may be–especially if you’re the increasingly rare reader who liked and followed my crime writing (which I haven’t totally¬†abandoned, don’t worry)–boring as hell to you. If so, skip it.

And I wrote this post tonight because my plan was to write about my workout and I ended up concluding I wouldn’t work out because I’ve had some muscle strain that I should be a little careful with.

Honestly, the workout would’ve been more interesting. Either way, I’m gonna talk about jock-y stuff and if you see the fitness tag and that’s not your thing, just skip the post and weight for the “crime” tag to pop up.