Mysterious Explosion at Salty Brine State Beach, Narragansett, RI (updated)

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Google maps

Update, 12:55 p.m. –A Twitter user receiving texts from the scene isn’t the greatest source in the world, but this is a worthwhile update to at least point out there could be many reasons for random explosions–like damaged gas lines or faulty grills:

Original post–First noticed reports of an explosion at Salty Brine State Beach in Narragansett Rhode Island on Twitter, from various bots that tweet interesting reports from websites used to monitor emergency services radios.

It is a gorgeous, warm summer day in most of New England, as perfect a beach day as you might imagine. Any beach in this region will be crowded, the roads leading to them thick with traffic as well.

The Providence Journal reports:

[Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management] Spokeswoman Rayna Maguire said details are still sketchy, but a 50-year-old woman who appeared to be “trapped” on the rocks had been taken to South County Hospital. There were no other reports of injuries.

Maguire said that witnesses reported the explosion was under the sand and blew the woman onto the rocks.

A few beachgoers tweeted what they heard or witnessed.

There are no indications right now as to the source of the explosion, however since April, 2013, it’s not much of a stretch for New Englanders to assume terrorism is afoot when something like this occurs.

Is it weird?

OK, definitely not all. But maybe more.
OK, definitely not all. But maybe more.

My Twitter friend Amanda Mull, the managing editor for PurseBlog, tweeted a link at me about a strange crime yesterday, then followed up with this question:

I’ve been thinking about that question today. My answer last night was that it was less weird than it used to be, but still strange.

And it is strange, but I realized today that I no longer feel so bad about that.

I started to write something much longer here about me and true crime but realized I’d just be repeating myself. So…

A while back my friend Quinn told me she was sure I’d get back to covering true crime stories in some form. I didn’t argue but I felt a little skeptical. Turns out she’d observed something I’d only been half aware of: my interest in the subject was as strong as ever. Only my desire to really dig into stories I found unusually interesting waned.

Additionally, I’ve gotten over my wariness regarding the label “true crime writer”–or in my case, blogger. I know I’m just a writer, full stop, but I no longer feel the need to try and correct anyone who wants to pigeonhole me with terminology.

I just want to write about shit I find interesting. Especially if I figure out I might have something to add to the subject, even if all I add is my own weird perspective.

That’s what I’m doing by going from maybe a post a month on this blog to, what, three in one day? I’m shaking off a bunch of old crap. Finding whatever my groove may be now.

Let’s see where this goes.

It might get dark.

Hope you’re cool with that.