Tonight there was another screaming fracas in the street below. I don’t know what about. My wife and I were too busy watching funny videos. All I know is in the end there was no one dead in the street nor did we hear the sound of gunshots. 

So no harm no foul. 

It’s not that I don’t care. It’s just sometimes you have to shut out the world. The shouting. The squealing tires. Shut it out and watch funny videos. 

New Phone

After flirtations with Android (mostly good, OS wise, not so much handset-wise) and a Windows phone (pretty good to be honest but with limitations it can’t help) I’m back to using an iPhone as my primary phone. It’s a 6 plus purchased through Gazelle.com and I already love it.

Hence this post written on the phone. For years I’ve been fascinated with blogging on the go. Turns out it’s actually a damned impractical thing to do, but since I put this blog under a standalone URL I decided to try and use it more. That will include random and quite possibly pointless posts like this as I figure out what I’m doing and the best reasons for doing it. 

Hopefully any posts that follow will be more entertaining than a glimpse at my really boring day diary–something this post is very close to in style.